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Tailor-made advice, taking into account your company’s history and the values you want to convey at this event.
Personalized support throughout the creative process.
Follow-up at every stage of production, right up to the big day of the event.


Tailor-made storytelling, because every show has a story to tell.
The use of our team of artists and artistic directors to meet your needs with creativity and experience.
Artists as skilled as they are passionate.
A database of artists based on human, artistic and technical criteria.
We’ll adapt to your needs and propose a tailor-made budget, whatever the field or style of your event.


A unique network in France and abroad

Dancers, actors, comedians, improvisers, drag queens, singers, burlesque strippers, French cancan, snake charmers, hula hoops, circus performers,
magician, DJ, musicians…

UPCOMING DATES: 14/102 2024

Immersive Cabaret

Get ready for an exceptional experience to round off your week in style and escape into a dream world.
In this spellbinding universe, glamour, humor and performance intertwine to create an extravagant, unforgettable show. Let yourself be transported beyond your wildest dreams.


We look forward to seeing you on the banks of the Canal St Martin in Paris X!
A unique line-up of artists for every show!


BIZZ’ART 167 quai de Valmy Paris X


DANCE FLOOR: 10:00-11:30 p.m.


Cabaret artists, burlesque strippers, circus performers, drag artists and more.


Our Master of Ceremonies :
From Josephine Baker to the Moulin Rouge, he’ll take you through an exceptional evening of energy, dance and song!


You’ll find a bar where you can indulge in delicious tapas.

Stage direction

Olala Party

Olala Party presents "CABARET IMMERSIF"!

Olala Party presents Maison Pigalle: “The confidences of a showgirl”.
“The audience at the heart of the show


In the intimacy of an exceptional vintage house, with very different atmospheres in each room.
The public is invited to enter in a mysterious and secret way …

Will he dare to go through the doors …
Only 20 people will have the privilege of attending, a unique experience, a moment out of time.
We couldn’t imagine a more charming and atypical setting than this house to welcome this plunge into a world of feathers and
A feeling of privilege, of a unique moment, comes from being close to the artists.
The place transports them out of time, thanks to its magic and beauty. A show full of surprises!

The audience will be transported through the stages, on an ini8a8que journey that will lead them to reveal themselves, to dare to free themselves from their status of
spectator, to feel a sense of freedom, of the absolute, as he himself tries out the life of an artist.

Above all, it’s a true sensory and visual experience.
From now on, the public will be able to go behind the scenes and take a peek at all the secrets that make up a dancer’s life.
and the preparation of his acts.
Far from simply presenting a mix of genres, immersive cabaret goes further, offering not only a show, but also the opportunity to listen to in:mestic texts.
in which artists engage. Real physical participation from the audience throughout the show. The audience is caught up in
the staging, he becomes an actor from the moment he reserves his place on the website, thanks to a mise-en-scène with drawers that plays itself out
of improvisation.

It’s all about connivance and complicity.
Poetry mingles with dance, comedy with a wink.
It’s freedom that expresses itself, neither conforming nor conventional, but always elegant and glamorous.

This show can be adapted to your private venue. House, Castle, Private hotel.
Casting changes according to the dates and cities chosen.

Contact us to give your guests a unique immersive experience.

We can also write and stage other customized stories at your venue.

It's all about connivance in this free, light and daring show. The relationship with others is magnified thanks to this taste for happiness, this connection with joy that bursts forth in this show.


Olala Party

A collective creation inspired by dreams... More than a magazine, it's a celebration of fun, play and extravagance! A journey of dreams and carefree fun, mixing genres with burlesque striptease.

Artists: Vicky Butterfly (UK), Louise de Ville (Paris), Colette Collerette (Brussels), Mother Lasseindra (Paris), Sebastien Vion (Paris), Melle Joris (Paris),
Music: Alfred Williams
Lighting and video: David Dubost, Robin Kobrynski
Collective creation directed by Melle Loison.
Photo credit: Christophe Brachet.

Cabaret historique le Balajo Paris

Olala Party
Balajo is a mythical place, and above all a great family. The spirit of the party, from popular dances to the frenzied rhythms of rock’n’roll. The Balajo has retained all its charm, with its decor dating back to 1936. No sooner do we step into the entrance than our eyes are caught by the faces of the characters framed by Henri Mahé (decorator of the Moulin Rouge), his scenes of balls and parties, which feed a whole imaginary world. Our eyes are riveted to the frames with their molded figures facing the bars on the various walls retracing the history of Paris and the rue de Lappe. Walls that inhabit sets, transporting us into hundreds of stories. We’re transported out of time and into an era, with the urge to join in the dancing and feasting. The layout invites us to meet and exchange ideas, to look at each other and to dance.

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