10 tips for beautiful skin!

I’ve always taken care of my skin, but I’ve also made a lot of mistakes … Over time I followed the advice of women I admired and who I thought had remained beautiful over time, but also of a very good dermatologist. I’ve found that all these women have something in common in their beauty routine, and having applied them for years now, I can say that there’s no miracle cream that equals these simple tips over the long term and that can be adapted to all skin types .

1: Stop the war of the buttons before going to bed!

No more torturing your skin with your fingers, even if that pimple is so tempting… We use “precise tools” by disinfecting the skin well before and after with, for example, “hexomedine”, which you can find in pharmacies (a transcutaneous disinfectant which can also be used to make an inflamed pimple disappear). A pimple squeezed with the fingers can become infected and look much more visible, triggering others all around. It can create a scar and even a brown scar, depending on the skin. So the best way is to invest less than 15 euros in these different tools adapted to each problem. Even if some of these tools may seem strange to you now, you’ll soon understand the purpose and function of each one – delicately, of course…

2: I don’t clean my skin like I scrub my bathroom!


Facial skin is very fragile, much more so than the skin on our bodies. Depending on our skin color, we are not all equal when it comes to external aggression. For example, white skin has 12 layers of epidermis. Asian skin has 17 and black skin 25. You’ll understand why we’re not all the same age because of our genetic heritage. The main reason we use creams is to act as a “protective umbrella ” for our epidermis. When you exfoliate, you remove 3 layers of epidermis and we need 48 hours to recreate a new one. During this time, you’ll find that your skin looks prettier – the “healthy glow” effect – but it’s short-lived… During this time, when your skin is less well protected, the door is open to redness, blotchiness, brown spots and pimples.


For my part, since receiving this advice from one of the best dermatologists in Paris, my skin is much less reactive. Of course, there’s no need to mention peels and lasers, which are “definitively forbidden”, as their side effects are “irreversible”. If you want a more intense treatment for your face, use “masks” to moisturize or rebalance. You’ll gently improve the overall appearance of your skin.

3: I’ll stop …staining myself!

One of the things that the many women I met had in common, and whose complexions were radiant and even despite the weather, was the use of an index 50 cream “every day”… Whether you like it or not, I agree, but one thing is certain: one of the primary causes of skin ageing is UV rays. We all have sun capital, and once it’s depleted and not renewed, our skin becomes increasingly sensitive.

Otherwise, the ultimate protection against the sun would be to wear an anti-UV mask! 😉

As we mentioned earlier, we need a protective cream, like an “umbrella” for our skin. Be aware that basic sun creams last 2 hours maximum, and often tend to leave a white film or fluff…with the exception of some like “Skinceutic” which promises 8 hours or “Dermahael” up to 12 hours. It’s still more expensive than the others, but you really only need a few drops for the whole face. If you find that they leave a small white film, this will quickly fade, otherwise you can also mix it with a drop of foundation. If your skin has specific needs, you can apply a serum just beforehand.

Skin prone to “brown spots”
Caudalie anti-dark spot radiance serum + Skin Ceuticals SPF 50 sun cream, 100% mineral filter, 8-hour hold. For summer use only.


Extra serums and sun creams

With a “dry” tendency
This is the one I use every day, my favorite.
“Avène” moisturizing serum + “Dermahael” sun screen SPF 50, 12-hour hold.
I tested it all summer long, no sunburn, my skin stayed well hydrated, no white film or flaky effect and all that with just one application in the morning!


Acne-prone or damagedskin
“Patyka” Tea Tree Cream (treats acne well, the only really effective product I know of) + “Cicabio” SPF 50 Sunscreen (very moisturizing and repairing).


4: Don’t end up like a pink shrimp…

Allergies to certain products used in cosmetics are quite common. But some can cause severe redness or, in the worst case, oedema… Be careful with essential oils and perfumes. Essential oils should be used with extreme caution. To avoid an allergic reaction, I advise you to test a small part of your face for 5 minutes to see if you don’t have a reaction. I also recommend not using them during the day because of their photosensitive properties… It always comes down to this…

5: Not so pink water.

Despite all the efforts made by our cities to provide us with the cleanest water possible, it’s not as pure as you might imagine. Depending on the city, chlorine, nitrates… The best is to use thermal water bombs such as Avène or Evian, or a floral lotion (rose water, lavender, etc.). You’ll see that your skin is no longer tight or red, and your complexion will be more even.

6: I take off my mask before sleeping …

If you’re used to wearing make-up, the bestseller for removing make-up is to use a make-up removal oil + a micellar lotion (for sensitive skin or skin with imperfections), which all make-up artists are addicted to. We then finish with a rosewater floral lotion for sensitive, dry skin, or if you have acne-prone skin, a La Roche Posay-type thermal spring water enriched with Zinc.


Finally, wipe your face with a cotton towel to remove any excess product. If you don’t wear make-up, you can simply use the lotion + spa water or floral water. If you have acne-prone skin, avoid using cleansing oil every night. And last but not least, remove make-up from your brushes ….!

Dry, sensitive skin Blemished skin

make-up removalandlotion

For my part, I finish my routine with aloe vera gel all over my face, and then it’s off to bed!

7: I stop believing in miracles and mirage …
We stop experimenting with products due to the marketing effects of certain brands. Seek advice, first and foremost from a real dermatologist. You need to find the right cream ADAPTED to your skin, and that doesn’t mean they’ll cost you a fortune – on the contrary, I think you’ll even save money! A specialist will define your skin type: dehydrated, acne-prone, sensitive or dull, and establish the right formula for your needs.

8 : Tell me what you eat
Some skin types are more sensitive than others and may react to certain foods, such as dairy products, gluten, fast sugars… The latter are rapidly digested, resulting in high insulin secretion and hyperproduction of sebum in the skin’s pores, making them susceptible to infection by acne-causing bacteria. The more you eat, the more insulin is secreted, indirectly increasing acne. So if you’ve tried EVERYTHING, perhaps diet is one last avenue to explore…as well as drinking water throughout the day to hydrate from the inside out and preferring fresh fruit to industrial juices

9: Chemistry and bodies
In the list of drugs with side effects on our skin, the champions are antibiotics and hormonal contraception. These villains can leave indelible marks on our faces, such as brown spots. Don’t forget todiscuss this with your doctor, as some are photosensitive! If so, use SPF 50 sunscreen and avoid the sun as much as possible… As for hormonal contraception, it’s pretty depressing sometimes, because everyone reacts differently, and there are no rules. For my part, I’ve had a spectacular bout of acne with a copper IUD, even though every gynecologist says it’s impossible. Once removed, my pimples disappeared and never came back… The challenge: listen to your body, against all odds!

10: Breathe, move, life is beautiful.
The best way to activate our cells and oxygenate our skin is through sport, by getting physically active at least a little every day. Taking the stairs instead of the escalator can sometimes be enough. Breathing, de-stressing, easier said than done… but we can try… 🙂.

Miss Loison,




Fashion & Beauty

The art of make-up removal

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Fashion & Beauty

The art of make-up removal

Make-up removal is to our skin what lacing is to our corset: A must-have! So today, we’re giving vegetable oil

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